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Bergen Endodontic Care

New Milford, NJ

Surgical Microscopes

Our office is equipped with the most up-to-date surgical microscopes in each operatory. This technology was initially developed for neurosurgery and has been adopted by endodontics over the past two decades, thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Gary Carr, a mentor of Dr. Isseroff.

All evaluations and procedures in our office are performed under the microscope, which allows for an unparalleled level of accuracy and precision. Each microscope has an additional set of binoculars for the dental assistant, allowing our team to be comfortable and completely in sync during the entirety of your visit. 

Each microscope is also seamlessly integrated with digital cameras. This allows every case in our office to be fully documented with high-quality photography, enabling patients and referring dentists to understand all the details associated with the case.

3D Radiography (CBCT Scan)

Our office is equipped with the Carestream 8200 CBCT, which is capable of taking both full mouth and focused-field 3D scans. This allows us to see in much greater detail exactly what is going on with your tooth and the surrounding bone, down to 75 microns - thinner than the width of a human hair! This tool is essential in all stages of root canal treatment, from proper diagnosis to succesful treatment, all the way through long-term follow ups.

TDO Software
Advanced Endodontic System (ASI Carts)

Each operatory has its own dedicated Advanced Endodontic System, otherwise known as an ASI cart. This custom-built piece of equipment allows us to combine 13 pieces of endodontic technology into one centralized location, and use them all in a streamlined and convenient fashion. What this means is fewer interruptions and smoother treatments, all with the comfort of knowing that the most advanced equipment and treatment modalities are by your side. The monitors on our carts also connect seamlessly to our microscope cameras, so that patients can easily see photographic documentation immediately following evaluation and treatment.